30 Day Challenge

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30 Day Challenge

30 days to learn a new skill with a 50% voucher off a microsoft exam for completing the challenge.

I chose the Azure Solutions Architext challenge. The course is approximatly 30 hours long, spread over 35 modules. For the most part you don't need an Azure subscription as Microsoft provides sandboxes for the labs. There were a few modules that did require a subscription, helpfully they reminded you to clear up the resourse groups afterwards so you don't end up with a large bill at the end of the month.

The hands on nature of the course was great for building confidence in using the portal and the command line interface. After a while the workflow becomes familiar and your progress speeds up.

One thing to note is the 50% off voucher is a one time deal, well Microsoft say you can apply for another in 6 months but the offer will be finished by then.